We all have busy lives with work, family and friends, and many other things using up our precious time but I have always believed that we make time for the things we really want to do. So how can we make more time for reading?


WORD SPACING SHOCK HORROR!! Some people still use two spaces after the end of a sentence. I learned to touch type on a manual typewriter at the age of 16 – showing my age! In those days, fixed pitch spacing, that is every character took


HYPHENATION AND JUSTIFICATION (H&J) Most books, especially text only ones, are set with justified text. In other words, the text lines up on the right side of the page as well as the left, except for the last line of the paragraph. The first line

CONSIDERATIONS before designing a book

WHAT NEEDS TO BE CONSIDERED BEFORE DESIGNING A BOOK? I started learning about typography when I was 16. As well as my ‘A’ level courses I had ‘Typewriting’ on my timetable. I learned to touch-type on a manual typewriter where the only font available was